Lighting Bonus Tips

Make A Lighting Plan : By making a schematic lighting plan for your living room, you ensure that the lighting of your living room is nicely balanced. In this article, I will teach you how to draw up a good lighting plan in 7 steps.

A Striking Lamp : It is sometimes said that you do not need to see the fire, but the light does. There is a good core of truth in this. The lamp, or the lighting fixture, is an accessory in the room. But this has a function, and that is giving light. That is the requirement. Besides, the lamp may, of course, be beautiful.

In our lighting plan, we often opt for a combination of unobtrusive lamps and a few eye-catchers. These lamps also deserve their attention when they are off.

Halogen, LED Lamp Or Energy Saving Lamp?

Light bulbs are almost impossible to get. Nearly every lamp is now available in an LED version. But often also in a halogen version. Which lamp should you choose now?

We always recommend choosing a luminaire that is suitable for a halogen lamp. Why? You still have the choice to switch the light source. Lighting fixtures that are only LEDs are often supplied with an LED light source. This is attached to the lamp. If there are faults, for example with a dimmer, or you do not like the light color, then you are stuck with this lamp.

If you have chosen the version with fitting, so the text suitable for halogen, you can turn different lamps in the fixture. Halogen, but also different LED lights. Also, make sure that your LED light is dimmable. Which LED Light Should You Want? The Choice Is Huge.