Light Color Lamps Living Room

A fire gives a specific color light. Some bulbs look very white, or even blue, while other bulbs give an amber glow. This is called a light color and is expressed in Kelvin. The higher the number, the excellent the light.

I have just completed an interior design for people who wanted to expand to create an entrance hall, which they now missed.

It involved an expansion of approximately 8 square meters. Eight expensive square meters, because building a small surface is a lot of paper. You talk about $ 20,000, which you can not spend on anything else.

I asked the question if it was necessary. My clients were convinced of the need. But after a very constructive design process, we found out that it was not so significant.

With a simple intervention, an empty utility room was transformed into a spacious hall with the storage options that you expect from a utility room. Without it becoming a utility room. And: the building was in a much more logical place.

By saving on the expansion, the money could be invested in more comfortable living. This way the roof is now insulated and a new kitchen are added.

Expand or Save?

That was not the only time I advised against a development. Whether the position of the expansion has changed. Not only to save money but if you expand it must be active. More floor space is not always the answer.

You do not want that in the middle of your living room an empty bare dark corner arises. You run that risk with an expansion. This can certainly be prevented with a smart plan and the right layout.…