Everything You Want To Know About Lighting!

What Is Basic Lighting?

Basic lighting spreads evenly across the room. This is the lighting that ensures that there is a general light. Often I use one or more lamps that scatter light in all directions or a fire that radiates to the ceiling.

This lighting ensures that the room is evenly illuminated and too large contrasts are avoided. It is practical when the basic lighting can be dimmed so that the atmosphere can be adjusted.

Basic Lighting With Ceiling Points

In almost every room you will find a power point in the ceiling centrally, which you can operate with the switch at the door. You can connect a beautiful lighter to this central box (technical term). That is a lamp that – as the name says – gives light to the ceiling. This gives you an even light that reflects the whole room.

Basic Lighting With Wall Points And Freestanding Lamps

When the electricity is re-adjusted, I always let a few power sockets with the general light switch of the room. You can also use free-standing lamps for general lighting. You can also solve this with home automation

Accent lighting has two tasks:

  • Ensure the correct work light. For example when reading a book, working at a table or lighting a painting.
  • The second task is to provide beautiful light accents that play a musical game with the necessary lighting.

Accent lighting makes it homely. These luminaires often provide directional light. For example as spot, reading lamp or a table lamp with a non-translucent cover.

Illuminate Details

Accent lighting is used to illuminate the beautiful elements of the room. This often happens through a ceiling spot or floor spot. But also a place built into the wall can do this well.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting has only one task
Ambient lighting has the sole responsibility of creating atmosphere. Enlightenment hardly does it. You can call it a better glow. The most familiar form of mood light is the candle or the fire. But also a very dimmed table lamp, table lamp or very dumped spot.

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